Week #2


The opposite words I chose to work with were BEGINNING—ENDIND.

I always get annoyed at people saying that "things are going to work out in the end", as if that's the only thing that matters — the end. I'm still trying to settle in in the city, haven't found an apartment yet, and it's been extremely exhausting both physically and mentally. Everyone keeps saying that one way or another it'll work out eventually. They're not wrong, but it has always felt the same with almost every process — once you get started, and are in the middle of it, it's hard to see a clear path towards the ending.

With that in mind, I thought maybe beginning and ending are not opposites. Maybe they're quite alike and the path that connects the two is the opposite. So my sketch has a line that starts at the middle left of the screen and ends in the middle right. But between those two points the path takes many turns, not always in the "right" direction. It eventually gets to its end point, but each time the sketch is run that path looks different.

There are a couple things I wish I could've added:

  1. Curvy lines instead of straight lines. I think a doodle style would've worked better here.
  2. A slower frame rate as a stylistic choice, but at the same time I wanted to control the number of lines that are drawn (that, ideally, would've been random!)
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Jasmine Nackash is a multidisciplinary designer and developer intereseted in creating unique and innovative experiences.