week #5

Version Control 2 / Parametric Geometries

Part 1: Explore and experiment

Example 1: Originalmodified

Example 2: Originalmodified

Example 3: Originalmodified

Example 4: Originalmodified

Example 5: Originalmodified

Part 2: Re/code

p5 sketch

In the last class I noticed a Moiré pattern in one of the slides and thought I wanted to play with that a little bit and see how it's generated. I looked at a couple examples I found online (example 1, example 2) and decided to experiment and create something similar.

That idea worked nicely with the git exercise as I really spent most of my time just tweaking the numbers to see how it affects the pattern. There were many stages at which I liked the numbers but wanted to keep trying other ones so using git was very useful! I also opened a branch, but ended up not opening other ones or merging them. I think it's because there really isn't a lot going on, and using commit was enough to make me feel safe to keep trying things out without needing to duplicate the code to a new sketch.

As for the sketch itself — I started with drawing just lines, then another set of lines that can be moved with the mouse (just to visually see how things work). I then replaced the second set of straight lines with vertexes that are controlled by layering a couple of noise functions. I also wanted to have greater variability that I thought made sense in a screen-saver context so I added a sin() function to control the noise offset so the noise's scale goes back and forth between two specific values.

some variations

Left: both layers; center: noisy lines layer; right: vertical lines layer

I was staring at this for a long time and found that my eyes had difficulty focusing, which created an interesting effect as well... But it makes for a nice screen saver? 

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